Produced by EXON RENTAL light steel structures are also suitable for small shopping facilities with effective span up to 18 meters (or a multiple of that size). They are also ideal as not big office buildings and even hotels. Buildings used for commercial activities are build quickly, because the design process and prefabrication of steel elements are carried out in an integrated manner in the same factory. The wall panels system allow to design the building, that it can be freely manage. It allows for flexible surface development of retail and office space for individual tenants.

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The steel skeleton supplied by EXON RENTAL is open, which means that it can be covered with different kinds of finishing materials: from traditional coating plaster system on polystyrene or mineral wool (light wet method) or sandwich panels, to more expensive wooden facing, clinker or stone. Similarly, roofs can be covered with roofing felt, sheet metal (including metal roof tiles) either ceramic or cement tiles.

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EXON RENTAL has fire-resistant system partitions REI 120 with relation to the walls and ceilings made on the basis of their own production of thin-walled steel profiles.